Shepherd Tours Annual Pilgrimage to the Holy Land: Road to Jerusalem


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    Carol says

    Betsy, thanks for your wonderful, detailed descriptions. It’s interesting to read your experiences and impressions. I just finished a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, but we started in Bethlehem, and went to Galilee later, in the opposite sequence from you all. We faced checkpoints and occupation right from the start. When we headed up to the Judean wilderness, Jericho, and the Sea of Galilee, it felt like we had gone from a stark urban environment into a lush agricultural region, almost tropical with the mango trees, hibiscus, and camels. The weather was slightly warmer in February, so we didn’t hesitate about floating in the Dead Sea. We had fun sculling around like the little boats at Disneyland, and then a group of us women did some choreographed water ballet. You’re getting me inspired. I’ll write more. Thank you.

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