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Occupation-Free Seattle March 2017 UPDATE

Occupation-Free Seattle (O-FS) now has a Facebook Page! Thanks go to our generous member Salim, who’s also active in St Mark’s Mideast Focus Ministry and member Dotty who are going to help us set up a website! We’ll need a co-webmaster backup for this. So do let me know if you could do this. What a gift that would be!
Now that we’ve grown to 93 members, including 13 clergy, Kairos PS is carrying our updates on their website as a blog!
Good news. On February 1, 2017, the City of Seattle’s Finance Committee voted unanimously to “require that social-justice principles be considered when awarding all city contracts – .” That’s akin to the Seattle Human Rights Commission last year asking the City to appoint a Socially Responsible Investment Committee!
And on February 22nd, our Mayor Murray, in the State of the City Address at the Idris Mosque, said, “Where the president spreads darkness, Seattle will shine a light. We will do so by being a city of action, harnessing our commitment to social justice to improve the lives of our people, our communities and our planet.”
In mid-March, The Electronic Intifada carried news of a UN report which concluded that “Israel has established an apartheid regime that dominates the Palestinian people as a whole” and called for the backing of BDS to support a just peace. Dr. Rima Khalaf, Under Secretary General of the UN, resigned, rather than reject the report’s conclusions.
In March Cindy Corrie came up from Olympia to speak to Kairos Puget Sound to thank all the organizations that joined to lobby against the anti-BDS bills in the state legislature. None of the bills got out of committee before the 2017 deadline. But we’ll need to keep up the pressure as the bills will be back next year. That Cindy could speak on the 14th anniversary of her daughter Rachel’s death from a Caterpillar bulldozer home demolition was true grace.
Our own O-FS member, Jewish author Alice Rothchild, MD wrote a sobering diagnosis in her latest book, Condition Critical: Life and Death in Israel/Palestine. It’s an affirmation of BDS as an excellent way to overcome apartheid in Israel. Enjoy the review: .
Warmly, Ed

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