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Occupation-Free Seattle campaign

Some of us as members of Kairos Puget Sound, with others, have formed an Occupation-Free Seattle (OFS) campaign.  Our purpose is to lobby the City of Seattle to stop investing in corporations that engage in a “consistent pattern of gross violations of Human rights” in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.  Our ultimate goal is to pressure Israel to abide by international law, give equal rights to Palestinians, and end the illegal military occupation.

The Seattle Human Rights Commission (SHRC) invited us to meet with them in March 2016.  The SHRC shared that the City Council had already declared ours a Human Rights City in 2012.  They readily saw that Seattle investments have been financially complicit with the occupation of the West Bank and the siege of Gaza.  In August 2016, the SHRC passed a Resolution recommending that the city divest from companies whose products are involved in human rights violations, not just in Israel, but anywhere in the world!

We were heartened that in December 2016, Occupation Free Portland persuaded their city not to invest in Caterpillar!  OFSeattle is made up of more than 60 individuals from Greater Seattle, including Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Palestinians, from both religious and secular justice for Palestinians groups.

Supportive members lend their names, but need not attend meetings, and will be kept abreast of developments.  When we establish a broader base, we will lobby our City Council and its investment board.  Join us by contacting me, and we’ll put you on our emailing list.  We can do this!  Let’s go!

Ed Crouch,, 206-363-1432.

Steering Committee: Ed Crouch (Chair), Linda Bevis (Palestine Solidarity Committee), Nada Elia (Mondoweiss contributor), Ed Mast (Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign), Ruth McRee (Mideast Focus Ministry), Matt Weiner (Jewish Voice for Peace).

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