Voices Across the Divide: A documentary by Alice Rothchild and Sharon Mullally

Runtime:57 minutes

"Voices Across the Divide explores my personal experiences, born in Boston in 1948 to first generation parents and growing up with the State of Israel as my friend, my pride, and ultimately my heartbreak. " -- Alice Rothchild Voices Across the Divide is a powerful documentary and oral history project exploring the Israeli/Palestinian conflict through rarely heard personal stories. Narrated by Alice Rothchild, an American Jew raised on the tragedies of the Holocaust and the dream of a Jewish homeland in Israel, the film follows my personal journey as I begin to understand the Palestinian narrative, while exploring the Palestinian experience of loss, occupation, statelessness, and immigration to the US.  

Life In Occupied Palestine: Eyewitness Stories and Photos

Runtime:59 minutes

Anna Baltzer is a Jewish American Columbia University graduate, Fulbright Scholar, and granddaughter of Holocaust refugees who has lived and worked in the West Bank. She depicts life under occupation experienced by the people of Palestine. With passion and clarity she explores various aspects of the occupation and the vital role we Americans play in supporting it. She documents human rights abuses in the West Bank and advocates support for the nonviolent movement against Occupation.

Website: www.AnnaInTheMiddleEast.com

Question for discussions: Is Occupation an American value?

The Iron Wall

Runtime:52 minutes

The concept of an "iron wall" strategy—confronting the Arab world from a position of unassailable strength—has animated Zionism and Israeli policy from the beginning. Placing Israeli settlements as a cornerstone of this strategy, this documentary traces the development and steady expansion of the settlement project and describes their impact on the peace process. It also focuses on the latest project to make the settlements a permanent fact on the ground—the actual physical wall that Israel is building in the West Bank, well outside the borders of Israel—and its impact on the Palestinian peoples. Interviews with noted peace activists from all faiths personalize the story. It was the "Official Selection for Documentaries" by Al-Jazeera Television Production Festival.

Question for discussions: Do good walls make "good neighbors"?

Little Town of Betlehem

Runtime:77 minutes

This is a good film to use as an introduction and overview of issues in Palestine-Israel, as the documentary follows the story of three men—one Christian, one Muslim, and one Jew—and each man’s choice of nonviolent action amid the presence of overwhelming violence. The film shows how three men of different faiths struggle to promote equality and peace through non-violent engagement. It provides a unique perspective into the complex situation in Bethlehem, and raises questions about responding to violence. Their three stories are interwoven through major events of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Website: http://littletownofbethlehem.org

Question for discussions: Is Peace possible in Bethlehem?


Runtime:78 minutes

Budrus is a good follow-up to Little Town of Bethlehem, as it deals with the story of a small West Bank farming village that uses nonviolent resistance to get the route of the Israeli Wall changed. The film documents what many people believe to be unlikely, if not impossible: the bringing together of various, often contentious, ideological camps, including Fatah and Hamas; engaging Israeli supporters and welcoming them as they crossed into Palestinian territory to join the effort; and encouraging leadership by women.

Website: http://www.justvision.org/en/budrus

Question for discussions: Is peace possible?

Where Should the Birds Fly?

Runtime:58 minutes

This Palestinian documentary recounts, through the eyes of two women, the reality of life in Gaza under the Israeli blockade and Operation Cast Lead in 2008. This film shows the impact of modern warfare on a community and its efforts to live under siege.

Question for discussions: What are we supposed to do now?

The Gatekeepers

Runtime:101 minutes

Six former heads of the Israeli security organization, Shin Bet, share their insights, reflect on their actions and decisions in such areas as targeted assassinations, and discuss the morality of violence undertaken for security purposes. In depth interviews, archival footage, and computer animation recount the role Shin Bet played in Israel’s security from the Six Day War to the present. All of these men came to reconsider their hard-line positions and to advocate a more conciliatory approach toward the Palestinians. Nominated for best Documentary Feature at the 85th Academy Awards and for an Academy Award in 2013.

Question for discussions: What do the Occupiers say?

From the Sky

Runtime:18 minutes

An award-winning short film about a humble father and his troubled son who struggle to cope with the effect of armed drones in their homeland.

Question for discussions: What do you know about our use of armed drones?

Two-Sided Story

Runtime:75 minutes

Israelis and Palestinians who have lost children to the conflict and violence come together to try to deal with their loss and the feelings that result. It shows what happens when people of widely different backgrounds and political persuasions get to know each other as human beings.

Question for discussions: Is Reconciliation Possible?

The Other Son

Runtime:105 minutes

A provocative and moving drama about two families-one Israeli, the other Palestinian-whose sons were accidentally switched at birth. The question, ‘Can one love the enemy?’ is treated in its complexity with sensitivity, warmth and intelligence.

Question for discussions: What Would You Do?

With God On Our Side

Runtime:82 minutes

Producer and director Porter Speakman Jr. grew up with the belief that unwavering support of the state of Israel was a Christian duty. This film takes a critical look at the theological discourse of Christian Zionism that shapes political support of Israel’s military and settler-colonial policies in the West Bank. Is there a theological alternative that promotes peace and reconciliation instead of geographical appropriation of the Holy Land?

Question for discussions: What is Christian Zionism?


Runtime:90 minutes

In a Palestinian home that is seized and occupied by the Israeli military as a strategic lookout point, a father chooses to keep his family in the house until the soldiers evacuate. This psychological drama depicts intra-family tensions in the crosshairs of a volatile situation. The drama reflects the ongoing conflict between Palestinians and Israelis.

Question for discussions: What would you do in this situation?

5 Broken Cameras

Runtime:94 minutes

Directed by an amateur Palestinian videographer (Imad Burnat) and an Israeli filmmaker and teacher (Guy Davidi), this is a personal first-hand account of years of nonviolent resistance in the Palestinian West Bank village of Bil'in, threatened by an expanding Israeli settlement. Palestinian villager Imad Burnat filmed the village’s weekly protests against the encroachment of the Israeli settlement and the Separation Wall being built through village land and, in the course, of filming lost five video cameras to Israeli military violence. Imad bought his first camera in 2005 to record the birth of his youngest son, but ended up capturing the high cost his family paid in order to persevere under occupation. The film was nominated for an Academy Award in 2013.

Question for discussions: What would you do to mobilize your community to organize peacefully around an issue close to your heart?

Israel vs. Israel

Runtime:58 minutes

Israel vs. Israel documents political and religious Israeli organizations that actively oppose various aspects of the occupation. Reflecting deep internal divisions and tensions within Israel, activists are labeled as traitors, attacked, arrested and demonized. Still, these Israelis choose to cross the West Bank checkpoints as nonviolent conscientious objectors to the occupation in defense of Palestinian equality.

Question for discussions: What do you know about Jewish activists' efforts to oppose the occupation of Israel?

Occupation 101

Runtime:90 minutes

This is a powerful documentary on current and historical root causes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It includes a comprehensive analysis of the facts and "hidden truths" surrounding the never-ending controversy and addresses many long-perceived myths and misconceptions.

Website: http://www.occupation101.com

Question for discussions: What do I know about the facts and "hidden truths" of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

Encounter Point

Runtime:89 minutes

This is a documentary film that follows a former Israeli settler, a Palestinian ex-prisoner, a bereaved Israeli mother, and a wounded Palestinian bereaved brother who risk their lives and public standing to promote a nonviolent end to the conflict. Their journeys lead them to the unlikeliest places to confront hatred within their communities. The film explores what drives them and thousands of other like-minded civilians to overcome anger and grief to work for grassroots solutions.

Website: http://www.justvision.org/encounterpoint

Question for discussions: What do I know about the facts and "hidden truths" of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?


Runtime:96 minutes

Hany Abu-Assad’s new film, nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film. With his girlfriend, Nadia, living on the other side of an Israeli-built boundary wall, young Palestinian Omar regularly scales it to visit her. But he faces even greater obstacles after a lethal confrontation with an Israeli soldier.

Question for discussions: How far would you go to have a girlfriend who was the "enemy"?

Roadmap To Apartheid

Runtime:95 minutes

This documentary takes a detailed look at the apartheid analogy commonly used to describe the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Narrated by novelist and activist Alice Walker, the film is both an historical look at the rise and fall of apartheid in South Africa and an examination of why many Palestinians feel they are living in an apartheid system today, and why an increasing number of people around the world agree with them. The film compares the many similar laws and tools used by Israel and apartheid-era South Africa.

Tears of Gaza

Runtime:83 minutes

This is a Norwegian-directed film about Israel’s 2008-2009 invasion of Gaza and its impact on Gaza’s civilian population. Shot primarily by Palestinian cameramen, the film presents little analysis or commentary but is a documentation of the impact of war on a civilian populace, including its children.

The Stones Cry Out: The Story of Palestinian Christians

Runtime:56 minutes

Christianity was born in Palestine two thousand years ago. From there it spread throughout the Middle East and to the rest of the world. Yet many are unaware Christians still live in the land. For more than 60 years the Palestinians, Christians and Muslims, have suffered displacement, expulsion, wars, occupation and oppression. The voices of Palestinian Christians have all too often been drowned out in the turmoil of events. This is their story, in their voices, from the Nakba of 1948 until today.

Lemon Tree

Runtime:106 minutes

The story of a Palestinian widow who must defend her lemontree field when a new Israeli Defense Minister moves next to her and threatens to have her lemon grove torn down.

The Syrian Bride

Runtime:97 minutes

Mona's wedding day is the saddest day of her life. She knows that once she crosses the border between Israel and Syria to marry Syrian TV star Tallel, she will never be allowed back to her family in Majdal Shams, a Druze village in the Israeli occupied Golan Heights. The story of Mona's wedding day is a story about physical, mental and emotional borders and the will to cross them.

Dancing in Jaffa

Runtime:100 minutes

Ballroom dance champion brings Jewish & Palestinian Israeli kids together to experience awkward encounters that transform into new friendships through the joy of dancing.

Suggested film for youth.

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