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Spy or Die – Ahmad was born in Gaza with a heart defect needing 40 outside treatments. In 2016 he was denied a travel permit to Tel Aviv for open heart surgery unless he and his father agreed to become spies for Israel. Both refusing to spy, Ahmad died in Gaza in early 2017 at the age of 17.

Solitary for Children – Of 700 children incarcerated last year, 25 were held in solitary, for an average of 16 days, and some up to 29 days.

Our member, John Berg, sent a blog from Jonathan Kuttab that support is increasing in Europe and the US for BDS which is effective. And the likelihood of a two state solution is collapsing. This month the Barcelona City Council voted to end investment complicity with the Israeli Occupation and Illegal Settlements.

A number of college student senates from California to Maine support resolutions in favor of divestment from companies that profit from the Israeli government’s human rights violations including Caterpillar, Hewlitt Packard (HP), and Motorola.

Our member Hank Landau, took the lead in organizing a 7-week Palestine/Israel class at his Edmonds United Methodist church, regularly drawing over 60 attendees to hear esteemed speakers like Alex Awad, and Rev. Stan Fowler, not to mention our own creative five O-F Seattle members – Amin Odeh, Eitan Isaacson, Pastor Sandy Brown, Lloyd Johnson, and Alice Rothchild.

Occupation-Free Portland, was pleased this month to see its City divest from all corporations including Caterpillar after a multi-year campaign!

Last week the Northwest Regional BDS Coalition, in existence for over 5 years, just offered to join together with us in our effort to lobby and educate the City! In fact, O-F Seattle and NW BDS Coalition have invited leaders from Portland to come up and share what worked for them in early summer.

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