“We envision justice for the Palestinians, leading to peace and reconciliation between Palestinians and Israelis.”

- visions



“Kairos Puget Sound Coalition (KPSC) is a multi-church network that responds faithfully and boldly to the Kairos-Palestine call for justice and peace in Palestine- Israel. Using education we reach out to church leaders and their congregations as well as collaborating with other groups in the Northwest.”

- visions




  • Faith- based
  • Non-violent
  • Grassroots
  • Interdenominational
  • Egalitarian



trategic Goals


  1. Actively coordinate the KPSC member group activities.
  2. Catalyze formation of additional church-based groups.
  3. Promote discussion that leads to actions about the current conflict.
  4. Organize and/or promote “alternative” travel to Palestine-Israel
  5. Facilitate the use of films, documentaries and other resources about the subject.
  6. Promote internationally and nationally recognized speakers coming to the area.
  7. Promote awareness of various non-violent means of participation in the struggle for peace- with-justice — especially the combined potential impact of BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) on Israeli companies and also ‘Positive Investment’ in companies owned by Palestinians solely and/or owned jointly by Palestinians and Israelis.




Peace activists have been working for many years in Seattle and the Puget Sound region to promote awareness about the need for justice for Palestinians and peace for all in the Holy Land.These activists have come from faith-based organizations, ethnic groups and peace advocacy groups. Activities have focused on (a) offering forums for speakers with knowledge and experience in Palestine and Israel and (b) public advocacy – both of which are aimed at drawing attention to the protracted occupation of Palestinian territories and consequently to the suffering of Palestinians.

In 2014, the Mideast Focus Ministry of St. Mark’s (Episcopal) Cathedral in Seattle decided to host a one-day workshop based upon the mission of Kairos USA’s response to the Kairos Palestine document of 2009. The February 28th, 2015 event, led by Mark Braverman and Diane Dulin – staff members of Kairos USA, was attended by 125 people from the Puget Sound region, from faith-based and other backgrounds, all interested in the message of a peaceful ending to the oppression of Palestinians, as called for in the Kairos document. Educational presentations at the event focused upon (a) historical and theological underpinnings of the conflict and challenges to peace; (b) current difficulties in achieving justice and peace; (c) the condition of seriously non-informed andmisinformed Americans regarding the history and current strife in the Holy Land; and (d) ways and means of helping achieve peace through education and public advocacy in our own region.

Out of this workshop and follow-up meetings the Kairos Puget Sound Coalition (KPSC) has been formed with an active board and coalition meetings are held 3 times per year. Currently, representatives from 6 different denominations participate in the Coalition. Members from grassroots social action groups, both secular and faith-based (e.g. Voices of Palestine and Jewish Voices for Peace) have been invited to participate. An important initial activity has been the development of a website that can be a vehicle of transmitting resources and information about speakers, events etc. that are being organized by various groups in the Puget Sound area.

As is called for in the Kairos Palestine document, our efforts toward peace and justice in the Holy Land are carried out in a manner consistent with respect for all humanity and tolerance for all religions and ethnicities.